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A worker already integrated into the corporate context, will be able to successfully develop new skills related to sustainability in corporate strategies, monitor performance, and effectively communicate data to the market. Among the acquired skills is the ability to coordinate sustainability processes, formulate a strategy with its measurements, and provide internal and external reporting.

The Master’s program is designed to develop practical and transferable skills, keeping pace with the demands of today’s job market. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of new corporate needs and will be able to apply their knowledge effectively in complex professional environments.

Thanks to the partnership with FDC Consulting D-ESG, professionals will have the opportunity to access exclusive resources and expand their professional network. This direct connection with the industry will allow students to build valuable relationships and gain unique insights into the world of work.

The 12-month Master’s program will be delivered in a hybrid mode (in-person at the course venue, Unione Sovietica 218 bis, or remotely) and will be conducted on “weekends”. The expected start date is autumn 2024.

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