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The Sustainability Report is the annual document that aims to communicate to stakeholders the company’s environmental, social and economic ESG initiatives.

The sustainability report enhances, impacts and communicates your ESG path.

FDC Consulting Digital ESG accompanies you on a transparent journey divided into seven phases:

1. Kick-off meeting, check-up, and company screening

  • to learn more about the sector, analyse the status quo, and share activities and paths necessary for the design and drafting of the Sustainability Report.
2. Stakeholder engagement

  • activity that allows you to identify the most relevant stakeholders for the organization and collect points of view, needs and expectations on issues related to the three dimensions of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.
3. Updating tools and data collection

  • Materiality analysis for the definition and updating of the materiality matrix
  • Identification of information with the proposed update for the reporting of every material aspect
  • Data collection following the identification of the information
  • Updating of company objectives to encourage the implementation of an organic plan to improve sustainability performance and achieve goals in the medium/long term
4. Drafting of the Sustainability Report

  • We report the performances acquired through the organization of the materials and the drafting of the texts in a transparent, complete and effective way.
5. Verify sworn statement

  • We support your company during the verification activities conducted by an independent third party, to obtain certification on the Sustainability Report.
6. Graphic design

  • of the Sustainability Report.
7. Communication

  • of the report on the various channels.
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