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The spread of D-ESG culture (Digital, Environmental, Social, and Governance) within and outside a company, requires a strategic and systematic commitment that involves all stakeholders, starting from the top management, which must demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility by integrating D-ESG principles into the company’s vision, mission, and values.

For this reason, events, conferences, and outreach activities play a fundamental role in catalyzing change and inspiring concrete actions, aimed at building a more sustainable and inclusive future.

FDC Consulting Digital ESG positions itself as a facilitator capable of bringing together stakeholders from different spheres of society (businesses, institutions, non-governmental organizations, academics, and citizens) to discuss, share knowledge and experiences, and collaborate to address global challenges.

Events, conferences, and outreach activities on D-ESG themes can cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • awareness of digital tools: online security, selection of hardware and software, business intelligence, and data analysis;
  • environmental sustainability: carbon emissions reduction, biodiversity protection, sustainable management of natural resources;
  • social responsibility: workplace equity and diversity, human rights, involvement of local communities;
  • corporate governance: transparency, corporate ethics, risk management.

Participants in such events may include:

  • entrepreneurs and business executives interested in integrating sustainability into their business models;
  • representatives of governmental institutions and international organizations committed to promoting sustainable policies;
  • academics and researchers conducting studies and research in the field of sustainability and social responsibility;
  • activists and members of civil society committed to promoting social and environmental change;
  • citizens interested in better understanding sustainability issues and participating in public debate.


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