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Calculating the carbon footprint using the LCA method allows you to evaluate the environmental impact of your activities or products, quantifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in terms of CO2.

FDC Consulting Digital ESG supports companies in the fight against climate change and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
Calculating the carbon footprint is the first step to do this.

In collaboration with our partners, FDC Consulting Digital ESG provides practical solutions to reduce your environmental impact, hence contributing to a sustainable future, improving the sustainability performance of your business and helping you embark on a path to reducing and offsetting emissions.

Why calculate the Carbon Footprint?

Calculate your Carbon Footprint with us to identify and measure your emissions and undertake a virtuous path that allows you to monitor the company’s improvement in environmental performance, enhance your activities and improve the business’s green reputation.

Other advantages of calculating your Carbon Footprint are:

  • To estimate greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere caused by a product/service or an organization;
  • To initiate measures to reduce, neutralise and offset your emissions, whether mandatory or voluntary, according to the principles of European, national and international regulations regarding the Carbon Footprint and climate change;
  • To structure and initiate consumption reduction measures (electricity, water, other resources, waste production reduction) that become economic savings;
  • Enhances your activities and improves your company’s green reputation;
  • Increases the company’s sustainability rating, often requested by people, markets and supply chains, banks and institutions;
  • Supports sustainability communication with objective and transparent data;
  • Promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) according to ESG criteria.


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An example of the undertaken path certification:

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