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Transform raw data into meaningful and worthwhile information to improve business operations, optimize performance, identify growth opportunities and reduce risks.

FDC Consulting Digital ESG’s Business Intelligence service can provide the tools and skills necessary to make informed decisions and guide your business towards success.

Thanks to the experience gained by the members of the BI team, we can integrate processes, methodologies and technologies that are fundamental for every company today.

Key activities include:

  • data collection: Business Intelligence conveys data collection from various sources inside and outside the company, like business transactions, financial data, marketing data, customer data, and operational data, among others;
  • data processing: Once the data is collected, it undergoes processing and transformation into useful formats for analysis, which may include integrating data from different sources, cleaning data to remove errors or duplicates, and standardising data formats;
  • data Analysis: After the data is prepared, it is analysed using advanced techniques and tools like statistical analysis, trend analysis, predictive analytics, and other techniques to extract meaningful information from it;
  • data visualization: The analysis results are then displayed clearly and intuitively through interactive dashboards, reports, graphs, and other visual representations. This helps decision-makers quickly understand the results of the analysis and identify key trends and patterns;
  • information dissemination: Finally, the information and insights obtained from the analysis are disseminated to stakeholders within the company to support informed and strategic decision-making at all levels of the organization.

FDC Consulting Digital ESG’s Business Intelligence services have two main delivery methods. The first (Consulting) is an educational path that aims to make the client company’s resources independent. Thus, the processes already experienced in other realities will be learned and internalized.

The second (Outsourcing) is taking charge of the entire management of the client company after carefully studying the sector and its products.

Following, you will find a detailed overview of the proposed activities.


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An example of the undertaken path certification:

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