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B-Corp certification is useful for strengthening the choice to work for the common good. This Certification is, in fact, based on a measurement called B Impact Assessment (BIA).

The B-Corp assessment is organised into five impact areas:

  • Community;
  • Environment;
  • Governance;
  • Customers;
  • Employees.

In Italy, all companies that obtain B-Corp certification must transform into Benefit Corporation within two years of certification.

What benefits does B-Corp Certification bring you?

B-Corp Certification brings significant advantages for your company:

  • building trust with stakeholders;
  • it allows you to attract and retain employees such as those of the new generations;
  • attract investors aligned with ESG principles;
  • it has a holistic approach. It does not focus exclusively on a single social or environmental problem.

To obtain the B Corporation certification, issued by the B Lab certification body, you need to measure your impact at 360°.

This process is rigorous and requires the involvement of the entire company.

FDC Consulting Digital ESG guides you in the B-Corp certification path, whatever your business needs and supports you in every step required to obtain certification:

  • complete the Assessment and demonstrate high social and environmental performance by achieving a B impact assessment score of 80 or above and passing our risk review;
  • verify that legal requirements are met: The company will have to make a legal commitment by changing its corporate governance structure to make it accountable to all stakeholders, not just shareholders, and obtain benefit corporation status;
  • in demonstrating transparency: Demonstrate transparency by allowing information about their performance measured against B Lab standards to be publicly available on their B Corp profile on the certification body’s website.


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An example of the undertaken path certification:

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