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FDC Consulting Digital ESG and its partners support you in adopting specific sustainable projects for your virtuous corporate path.

With the support of FDC Consulting Digital ESG and its partners, you will be able to adopt real and transparent projects to enhance environmental issues such as:

  • projects for marine waste management;
  • marine life conservation projects;
  • projects for planting plants, trees and/or to support forestry systems.

Projects to manage marine waste

Like the projects proposed by Legambiente, including:

  • COMMON project: a marine waste management project to improve the environmental performance of 5 pilot coastal areas in Italy (2), Tunisia (2) and Lebanon (1).
  • CAP Busters Project: which supports policymakers and other stakeholders in effectively tackling marine litter.

Marine life conservation projects

Like the projects proposed by Legambiente, including:

  • LIFE ELIFE project: European project that aims at improving the conservation of elasmobranch species (sharks and rays) promoting best conservation practices in the context of the EU professional fishing in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • EMBRACED project: Establishing a multi-purpose biorefinery for the recycling of the organic content of Absorbent Hygiene Products Waste in a circular economy.

Projects for planting plants, trees and/or to support forestry systems

Like the projects proposed by Legambiente, including:

  • LIFECO2PES&PEF project: The LIFECO2PES & PEF project was created in order to promote and support forest systems in the storage of CO2 and in the prevention of fire and crash risks.

Project for food surplus and food waste management

FDC Consulting Digital ESG collaborates with associations that deal with food solidarity, combining the values of its own company with that of generosity towards others.

How do we do it?

  • By creating and collecting funds destined to donations;
  • by recovering and purchasing manual and electric pallet trucks, forklifts, trolleys; pallet racking, shelf racks; cardboard boxes, scotch tape, transparent film, EPAL pallets; safety shoes, cut-proof gloves, high visibility bibs; disposable gloves, surgical masks, hand sanitiser; warehouse cleaning tools; workplace safety courses, courses for the use of forklifts, HACCP; computers, printers, software;
  • creating a territorial and national network with associations, parishes, mosques, neighborhood committees, communities of minors and family homes.

Our projects, from food collections to solidarity stores, are concrete ways of supporting those in difficulty.

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